About Us

Words from CEO

I came to Japan when I was 17 years old. I had the opportunity to work in several multinationals, where, when living with the Japanese, I acquired valuable knowledge about the work system and millenarian culture. Fortunately, with this opportunity and the solidarity of all, I was able to build a strong and true friendship bonds, so I can say that I am a Brazilian / Japanese, this is, a person born in Brazil, but created in Japan.

However, looking at another parameter, I felt that many Brazilians around me had great difficulties adapting in a society with totally different culture, thoughts and language. With the desire to help compatriots and Japanese who taught me so much, the company 「Infinity Service Co., Ltd」 was born.

I have faith that everyone has the strength to achieve the established objective, and I believe that by working together we will be able to build a prosperous future with infinite possibilities. Sincerity and trust should always be present in our words and attitudes and is the key to the future.

The Brazilian power in Shiga

On July 16th, 2016 (Saturday) at 11:58〜12:54, the interview of the CEO of
Infinity Service by the Japanese TV station was aired.
Variety Program: SEYANEN! 「The Brazilian power in Shiga」

Company Profile

Business Number
Infinity Co., Ltd
Hideo Uemori
October 2017
Legal Capital
20,000,000 Yens
Business Contents
Temporary staffing service
4007 Iwane Konan City Shiga, Japan
Tel: 0748-72-8096 Fax:0748-72-8097

Av. Paulista, 854 – Top Center 10° andar – Bela Vista CEP 01310-913 – Sao Paulo – SP – Brasil

Tel: (011)2186-0333 Fax: (011)2186-0280

1680-3 Iwane Konan City Shiga, Japan
Corporate History
Founded in October 2007, Mito Konan City.
April 2008, moved to Asakuni in Konan City
April 2015, moved to Iwane in Konan City
In December 2016, reach 370 employees
In February 2017, the creation of Infinity Club
March 2017, opening of the Brazil Branch (Human Relations Center)
Establishment of Head Office 2nd Building (Educational & Training Center)
Company Group
Business Number InfinityService Co., Ltd
CEO        Hideo Uemori
Establishment   Oct 2007
Legal Capital   10,000,000 Yens